Lessons Learned


It all began with bullet journaling. Toward the beginning of this year, I decided to start (or restart) bullet journaling. I have a coworker who I’d seen use the technique before, so I asked him about it. Over the course of a few conversations, I ended up participating in a 30 day program to help envision my future self and make a concrete plan to get there. That program gave me daily journal prompts. I’ve spent the last two months keeping a daily journal because of it.

I had a little notebook I bought a year ago, and I made it my bullet journal. Aside from tracking daily tasks, I used it for the daily journal prompts. I also used it to collect other useful information: birthdays, definitions, and a table of companies whose financial reports I wanted to look at.

And, as February ended and March approached, I’d nearly filled the notebook. I was surprised it had gone so quickly.

I’ve found it very useful to keep that daily journal. Now that the 30 day program has ended, I have to come up with my own prompts. Usually, though, there’s something on my mind in the mornings. That becomes the basis for that day’s prompt.

The journaling helps me reflect. It helps me envision. And it helps me plan. It gives me a chance to put thoughts down. And knowing that nobody but I will read them helps me be more open in my reflection.

Anyway, I don’t have a ton more to say here. It’s been a long week, and a typical one. I just want to express my gratitude for journaling and recommend it.


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