Summary Post for Week 1 of Class

As I go through my entrepreneurship class, I’ll need to post these weekly summaries of what I’ve learned over the course of the week. Occasionally, there will also be specific topics or questions I need to address in the post, as in this case.

As the class really got off the ground this week, I learned the most from the lecture by Jeffrey A. Thompson, What is Your Calling in Life? One of the things I struggle with as I consider the idea of entrepreneurship is seeing how it might apply in an employment setting such as I’m in right now. What Thompson’s lecture taught me is that my calling in life derives from the spiritual gifts and talents I possess, and those can be exercised in any setting. As I use those gifts to bless the lives of those around me, whether as an employee or even outside of work, I am living my calling in life. Over time, too, as people grow to understand and appreciate my talents, they may open up new professional opportunities for me. Going forward, I hope to gain greater insight into my particular gifts and how I can apply them in everyday settings.

There are three questions I’m asked to answer about Randy Pausch’s lecture, but before doing so, I’ll point out that Pausch is a great example of what Thompson taught. Pausch had gifts and talents that he used in every setting, even settings that weren’t necessarily what he dreamed of as a child, and by using those talents, doors opened for him that allowed him to realize his childhood dreams and that created professional opportunities for him based on his talents.

Now onto the questions…

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Summary Post for Week 1 of Class