Summary of Week 5

The readings and videos this week had a lot of practical advice. An article from the Harvard Business Review, How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies That Work, in particular provided direct advice and encouragement also; I’ve feared that entrepreneurs are all of a certain breed, possessing certain attributes in common, and if I don’t have those attributes then I’ll never succeed, but the article notes:

Our evidence suggests that there is no ideal entrepreneurial profile either: successful founders can be gregarious or taciturn, analytical or intuitive, good or terrible with details, risk averse or thrill seeking. They can be delegators or control freaks, pillars of the community or outsiders.

The article points out that it doesn’t so matter what the entrepreneur’s attributes are; what matters is what the entrepreneur does with those attributes. If I can be honest with myself about my strengths and weaknesses, I will be more successful at finding and acting on the right opportunities for me.

I was also struck by one of the videos we watched, Loyalty to God and Family, and what the speaker, Jan Newman, said there. He reminded us that time is a fixed asset, and as our lives accumulate things to do, we must give priority to those things that are most important: the Lord and our families. This isn’t a new idea, I know this, but it was an additional point he made that really caught my attention.

He noted that we should never be to busy to accept a Church calling; we need the Lord to know we are on His side because we need Him to be on ours when we come calling for His help. Coincidentally, I was reading 2 Nephi 5 today, wherein Nephi is warned to leave his brothers for his own safety. I thought about how Nephi had always followed the commandments of God, and in so doing, he had earned the Lord’s trust (and had learned to trust the Lord), so that when he needed guidance from the Lord, He was there for Nephi.

I know that God loves us always and regardless of our failures and shortcomings; nothing detracts from that. The Lord seeks willing hands, and as we show our willingness to do His work, He blesses us; He helps and guides us. Our loyalty to God and our families will never go unrewarded.

Summary of Week 5

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