Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

I recall watching this lecture a few years ago and being deeply moved. It struck a chord with me because I too had wanted to be an Imagineer. For me, the message that resonated the most at the time was the idea of a brick wall being an opportunity for us to show how badly we want something. The idea has come back to me occasionally in the intervening years.

In watching this summary video and in skimming the speech’s transcript, a second message came through to me, and it is one I feel touches me more at this point in life: if we wait long enough, people will surprise and impress us.

I do not know how often I’ve become frustrated or upset with somebody at work. What a failure it is on my part to paint them with the color of that frustration. To take a person, a complex creature with a history, dreams, problems, emotions, desires, stress, and all the spectrum of life inside them, and paint them the color of the upset I feel at a single act on their part is a failure on my part. People are good, and if I am patient and give them the chance, they will show it.

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

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